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Social Psychology Final Exam Fall 2007 1. As a rule, social psychologists are primarily interested in a. monkeys and wombats b. abnormal human beings. c. normal human children. d. normal adult humans. ANS: D PG: 8 2. Based on early research by Norman Triplett with racing cyclists, we should expect that people who run in groups, among other people, would be more likely to __________ than people who run at home on a treadmill. a. engage in groupthink b. engage in mob behavior c. burn more calories d. burn fewer calories ANS: C PG: 5 3. A hypothesis is best described as a. a worldview. b. a statement of fact. c. an educated guess. d. a post-hoc explanation. ANS: C 4. Suppose that you conducted an experiment to test the effects of violence in TV shows on aggressiveness in children. The independent variable in this study would be a. how violent the TV shows were b. how many hours of violent shows the children needed to watch before they became violent. c. whether or not children should be exposed to violence. d. how aggressive the children were. ANS: A PG: 16 5. If you know that happiness is negatively correlated with educational achievement, you can conclude that a. one of two things MUST be true: either going to college makes people happy OR happiness leads people to go to college. b. as happiness increases, education level also increases. c. as level of education increases, happiness decreases or vice versa. d. the relationship between the two variables must be statistically significant. ANS: C PG: 18 6. It would be most accurate to say that psychological processes are a. mostly based on nature throughout life. b. mostly based on nature in infancy, and mostly based on culture in childhood
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and adulthood. c. Purely cultural. d. based on a complex interaction between nature and culture throughout life. ANS: D PG: 32 7. If you were to go to Tahoe this weekend and do some gambling, assuming you’re like most people, you would a. play a better hand if you were drinking b. keep better track of wins than losses. c. become more annoyed by losses than pleased by wins. d. only consider leaving when you’re down. ANS: C PG: 47 8. Josh has felt frustrated, annoyed, and discouraged today. If he is to flourish in life, he will experience roughly _____ positive emotions to counteract the negative ones. a. 1 b. 3 c. 5 d. 9 ANS: D PG: 50 9. Suppose that you are walking around the Davis farmer’s market. According to the theory of the duplex mind, if you buy some shiny grapes from the first farmer even though you weren’t even planning to buy grapes, you are using the _____ mind, while if you contemplate the virtues of each type of fruit there, such as whether it is grown organically or whether the farmer pays his employees a fair wage, and then make your decision, you are utilizing the _____ mind. a.
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social_final_exam_key2 - Social Psychology Final Exam Fall...

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