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psc41syllabusfall2007 - PSC 41(2-CRN 9274-CRN 92743...

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Sheet1 Page 1 PSC 41 (2) -CRN 9274-CRN 92743 Research Methods in Psychology Fall 2007, TR 310-430P, 1100 Social Science Instructor Dr. Deborah Taylor-Hunt 102M Young Hall 530.752.1376 [email protected] Office Hours: TR 430-530P & by appointment Teaching Assistants Megan Boudewyn Young Hall Annex [email protected] Office Hours: R 1-3P Raechel Steckley 284A Young Hall [email protected] Office Hours: W 2-4P Sinead Jiang165A Young Hall [email protected] Office Hours: M 3-4P Textbook: Graziano, A. & Raulin, M.L. (2007). Research Methodolgy: A Process of Inquiry. (6th Edition), Allyn and Bacon. Course Description: LectureÑ3 hours the equivalent discussed: Introduction to experimental design, ethics, questionnaires, field and observational methods, reliability, statistical inference, and writing in accordance with APA guidelines. All components (lecture exams, discussion assignments, & research participation) must be completed to receive a course grade. My.ucdavis.edu: All course information can be accessed on the internet at http://my.ucdavis.edu/. My.ucdavis.edu integrates several UC Davis Web applications
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