psc41-9-27-07 - th exam Exams require SCANTRON 2000& No...

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1 PSC 41 (2) - CRN Research Methods in Psychology Fall 2007, TR 310-430P, 1100 Social Science Instructor : Dr. Deborah (Dr. D.) Taylor-Hunt Office : 102M Young Hall Phone : 530.752.1376 Email : [email protected] .edu Office Hours Teaching Assistants : Megan Boudewyn Raechel Steckley Young Hall Annex 284A Young Hall [email protected] [email protected] M 3-5P W 130-330 Sinead Jiang 165A Young Hall [email protected] T 1-3P Textbook: Graziano, A. & Raulin, M.L. (2007). Research Methods: A Process of Inquiry . (6 th Edition), Allyn and Bacon. Course Information: http://my. ucdavis . edu/ Grading Lecture (75%): Best three scores from four exams. Each exam is worth 25% of the course grade. There are no makeup exams. Your final course grade will be based on accumulated points from 3 exam scores. If you take all 4 exams, your grade will be based on your 3 highest scores. If you are satisfied with your grade on the first 3 midterms, then you do not need to take the cumulative final (4
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Unformatted text preview: th ) exam. Exams require SCANTRON 2000 & No. 2 PENCIL. Discussion (25%): Your discussion grade will be based on weekly assignments posted on the course web page (accessed via http://my. ucdavis .edu ). Assignments are due by the end of class on the due date. No late assignments will be accepted . 2 Experimental Credit • All students enrolled in PSC 41 are required to participate in 5 hours of research studies or write research papers representing the equivalent amount of work. This requirement must be completed by the last day of instruction, Friday, December 7, 2007. Detailed instructions and the sign-up procedures can be found at: Important Dates Section 1: 9/29/07-10/16/07 EXAM 1: THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18 th Section 2: 10/23/07-11/06/07 EXAM 2: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 13 Section 3: 11/15/07-12/4/07 EXAM 3: THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6 ** CUMULATIVE FINAL EXAM: FRIDAY, DECEMEBER 14, 2007 1-3PM**...
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psc41-9-27-07 - th exam Exams require SCANTRON 2000& No...

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