psc41-10-11-07 - Fruitful Denitions Idea-Generating...

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1 If your last name begins with: A - He = Megan Boudewyn Hj - N = Sinead Jiang O - Z = Raechel Steckley TA Assignments The Reasoner Hypothesis Ch. 2 Research is a Process of Inquiry • Facts vs. Constructs • Logical Interpretation Errors: – Reification of a construct – Nominal Fallacy – All-or-None Bias – Similarity-Uniqueness Paradox – Barnum Statement – Evaluative Biases of Language
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2 • Inductive versus Deductive Reasoning • Theory – Network of hypotheses – Tentative explanations – Basis for predictions • Hypothesis – Can be either true OR false – Parsimonious
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Unformatted text preview: Fruitful Denitions Idea-Generating Problem-Denition Procedure-Design Observation Data Analysis Interpretation Communication Phases of Research Naturalistic Observation Case-Study Correlation Differential Experimental Levels of Constraint 3 Chapter 3 Applied vs. Basic Research What is a variable? A varaible is a property or characteristic of individuals, groups, environments, etc. that can change - take on more than 2 values. Ch. 3 The Starting Point: Asking Questions...
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psc41-10-11-07 - Fruitful Denitions Idea-Generating...

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