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1. Based on your research question, look up 3 related journal articles on PsycInfo. Printout the first page that includes the title, authors, and abstract of each article to attach to the back of your reference page (see item #2 below). 2. Type up a reference page, based on the 3 journal articles found above, using APA format. DA4 Measures of Variability: Degree to which observations depart from central tendency Range score. Average Deviation Arithmetic average of the distance that each score is to the mean. Variance Index which reflects the degree of spread around the mean. Standard Deviation Square root of the variance. Descriptive Statistics Ch. 5 Continued Population : A collection of subjects, events, or scores that have some common characteristic of interest. Sample : Subgroup of a population. Parameter : Quantitative characteristic of a population which is symbolized with Greek letters. Statistic
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psc41-11-01-07 - DA4 1 . B a s e d o n y o u r r e s e a r...

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