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1 Other Threats to Validity • Subject Effects – Demand Characteristics – Placebo Effect • Experimenter Effects – Experimenter expectancies Chapter 9 Controls to Reduce Threats to Validity General Controls: – Preparation of the setting. – Response measurement – Replication • Exact replication • Systematic replication • Conceptual replication Control Over Subject & Experimenter Effects • Single- and double-blind procedures • Automation • Using objective measures • Multiple Observers • Using deception – Balanced placebo design
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2 Control through Participant
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Unformatted text preview: Selection & Assignment • Participant Selection – General population – Target population – Accessible population • Sampling – Representative sample – Random sampling – Stratified random sampling – Ad hoc samples (Convenience sampling) • Participant Assignment – Free random assignment (Large samples) – Matched random assignment (Small samples) • Control Through Experimental Design Control Posttest No Treatment Pretest Control Condition Posttest Treatment Pretest Experimental Condition...
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psc41-12-04-07 - Selection& Assignment • Participant...

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