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PSC 41 (2) Fall 2007 Discussion Assignment 5 DUE DATE: Thursday 11/15/07 Assignments must be typewritten and turned in by the end of class on the due date to receive credit. 1. Write the introduction section of your proposal. Below are the writing style rules and content requirements. 2. To the back of your assignment attach: a. Research question with variables and operational definitions (DA3) b. Journal abstracts (DA4) Writing Style for an APA Paper Write in the past tense if you are talking about research that has already been conducted.
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Unformatted text preview: • Write in the third person. Avoid using the first person. • Write clearly and concisely. • All number that start a sentence or are less than 10 must be written as words. • Margins are 1” all the way around. • Double space everything. Introduction • Develop a pertinent theoretical background via a literature review, which may include articles that both support and disconfirm your position. • State the purpose, rationale, hypotheses, and/or predictions in the closing paragraph(s) of this section....
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