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PSC 41 (2) Fall 2007 Discussion Assignment 6 DUE DATE: Tuesday 11/20/07 Assignments must be typewritten and turned in by the end of class on the due date to receive credit. 1. Write the methods and results sections of your proposal. Below are the content requirements. 2. Attach: a. Nothing this time . Methods Participants Procedure for selecting and assigning subjects. Number of subjects – total number and the number in each group. Any payments or credits given to subjects for their participation. Demographic information you propose to collect (sex, age, etc.). Treatment of subjects according to APA ethical guidelines – anonymity,
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Unformatted text preview: confidentiality, permission to withdraw at any time, and debriefing at the completion of the study. Materials Describe any materials or apparatus you propose to use and the function it will serve in the study. Procedure Describe in chronological order how the research will be conducted. Include instructions to the participants, experimental manipulations (i.e. name and operationally define your variables, randomization, and any other relevant controls). Results Design and analysis statement Example: A one-way analysis of variance between subjects design will be used to analyze the effects of stress on happiness...
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