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psc_101_old_kh_exam - THIS IS NOT A PRACTICE EXAM IT IS AN...

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THIS IS NOT A PRACTICE EXAM. IT IS AN OLD EXAM TO GIVE YOU AN IDEA OF THE KIND OF QUESTIONS THAT I ASK. BECAUSE PSYCHOBIOLOGY IS A RAPIDLY DEVELOPING FIELD, I REVISE MY LECTURES EACH QUARTER, ADDING NEW MATERIAL AND OMITTING SOME OF THE PREVIOUSLY USED MATERIAL; THEREFORE, DO NOT GET UPSET IF A QUESTION APPEARS ALIEN TO YOU. PSYCHOLOGY 101 MIDTERM 1 . The portion of the neuron that is specialized to receive information from other neurons is the a. axon b. node of Ranvier c. myelin sheath d. dendrite 2. The brain lobe which is most responsible for higher cognitive functions is the a. parietal b. frontal c. temporal d. occipital 3. The idea that heritable traits that are associated with higher rates of survival and reproduction are more likely to be passed on to future generations, is known as a. fitness b. natural selection c. speciation d. dominance e. Lamarkian fitness 4. The experiments with “maze bright” and “maze dull” rats showed that a. intelligence is totally genetic b. learning to run mazes is mostly genetic c. one can successfully breed for a single behavioral trait that is independent of the environment.
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5. The blood-brain barrier a. keeps blood out of the brain b. regulates materials passing from the bloodstream into the brain c. keeps cerebrospinal fluid separated from the blood d. helps prevent hydrocephalus 6. The structure that connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain is the a. corpus callosum b. dura mater c. cerebral aqueduct d. longitudinal fissure 7. The fluid-filled spaces between neuron connections, through which neural transmitters travel, are termed a. vesicles b. iontophores c. nodes d. synapses 8. “Positive” symptoms of schizophrenia are those that a. are healthy and/or productive b. help the patient tell reality from delusions c. are added to the normal behavioral repertoire d. positively identify a person as being schizophrenic e. all the above 9. Depression can be hard to spot, because a. if you act depressed, other people avoid you, so you may try to hide it b. we all get ‘down’ sometimes c. it can be masked by other behaviors d. all of the above 10. We have positively identified a gene responsible for causing which of the following condition? a. Schizophrenia
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psc_101_old_kh_exam - THIS IS NOT A PRACTICE EXAM IT IS AN...

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