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psc_101_syllabus_w08 - PSC 101 INTRODUCTION TO...

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PSC 101: INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOBIOLOGY – Winter, 2008 (CRN 39718) Monday and Wednesday 10:00-11:50am, Room 2205 Harring Hall Team taught by Professors: Richard Coss, ([email protected]) 105 Young, 752-1626, Ofc Hrs M W 2:00-3:30pm Kenneth Henry ([email protected]), 102H Young, 752-1854, Ofc Hrs MW 1-2:30pm Donald Owings, ([email protected]) 101 Young, 752-1673, Ofc Hrs T Th 4:00-5:30pm Teaching Assistant: Alexali Brubaker ([email protected]) 163 Young, 754-8290 Ofc Hrs Wed. TBA Holidays: Mon. Jan. 21, Mon. Feb. 18; Instruction ends: Mon. Mar. 17. Textbook: Introduction to Psychobiology THIRD EDITION D. H. Owings, R. G. Coss, & K. R. Henry, (Eds.), Pearson Custom Publishing, 2003 Exams: Each instructor will administer a 40-question multiple choice exam on the material covered in his third of the course, and each exam will account for 1/3 of your final grade. Please bring a Scantron sheet (UCD 2000) and at least one #2 lead pencil. Kenneth Henry: The structure and functioning of nervous systems (Chs. 3, 4 and lecture) Sensory systems (Chs. 6, 7 and lecture)
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