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History 102 January 10, 2007 - Printing press, moveable type, cheap paper - Spread the word faster and was much cheaper - Changed everything 2 Basic Patterns of Government - Absolutism Cardinal Richelou o Sovereignty rests in the ruler (divine right of kings) o Used by Louis 13 th - Constitutionalism Henry IV – Sully (advisor) - comes to power in unstable country - made the country stable - people liked him o they didn’t tear down his picture during the start of the French Revolution Edict of Nantes – 1598 - allows people to worship what they want January 12 th , 2007 - Henry’s mother is Marie D’???? - Kings power over local Lords in France - No state within the state - No fighting over religion, everyone has the same religion - Use taxes to keep certain people happy (nobility) - Tax base gets smaller from exiles and tax exemptions - High food prices, new taxes, shortages - FRAND (people against the government) Louis 14 th takes power – Son King - 60 year reign - “I am the state” Palace of Versailles - was a hunting lodge at first - Louis added stone, roads, etc. - Built because he wanted to make everyone jealous o Czar of Russia (Peter the Great) wants it o Peter tries to create something like it (Pidolf) o Germans want it too (Potsdam) - French have to pay more taxes because of this building
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- French becomes the language of Europe, respectable places and the language of diplomacy - By 1685, French are the strongest and most highly centralized in Europe Mercantilism - Colbert - Measure success in terms of gold, not buildings or property, etc. -
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History 102 notes - History 102 Printing press moveable...

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