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6/2/2008 1 Contexts of development II Effects of Family, Peers, and Culture on the Developing Child Outline The role of different contexts in shaping children’s development s Siblings s Peers s Culture s Media Siblings Effects on Socialization s Promote learning of social skills s Negotiation s At times more influential than parents s Discussing taboo subjects (e.g. sex) s Dealing with difficulties in school s When life experiences are harsh Siblings s The Only Child s Birth Order s First borns s Later borns s Sibling rivalry s Parent-child relationship s Effects of parenting Peers s Function of Peers s Development of social skills s Social comparison s Play Status in the Peer Group s Peer status is affected by the child’s: s Attractiveness s Athletic ability s Social behavior s Personality s Cognitions about self and others s Goals when interacting with peers s Peer status is also influenced by the status of the child’s friends
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6/2/2008 2 Popular Peer Status s Viewed positively by many peers and are viewed negatively by few peers s These individuals. .. s
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Lect+15.+6+slides+per+page - 6/2/2008 Outline Contexts of...

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