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Spring Quarter 2008 PSC 140 Study Guide for Final Introduction Themes in the study of developmental psychology - Nature vs. nurture - The active child: How do children shape their own development? - Continuous (quantitative) vs. discontinuous (qualitative) development - Mechanisms of developmental change - Societal and cultural impacts - Individual differences - Research and children’s well-being Developmental research Research designs - Correlational (associations between variables; making predictions; third variable problem) - Experimental o o Control group vs. experimental group Studying change - Longitudinal designs - cross-sectional designs - Microgenetic designs From genes to babies Basic concepts - Chromosomes (autosomes, sex chromosomes), DNA, & genes - Genotype vs. phenotype - Alleles o recessive-dominant principle Prenatal periods & development (major accomplishment of each stage) - Germinal (0-2 weeks, zygote, conception, implementation) - Embryonic (2-8 weeks, how the layers become the body) o Embryo’s life support system (placenta, amniotic sac, umbilical cord) - Fetal (8 weeks to birth; growth of organs, bones, muscles, maturity of respiratory system) Teratogens - what are they? - Dose-response relations - when are they affecting structural changes the most? The least? When are they affecting organs’ functions?
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Physical development Brain development - neurogenesis - neuronal death - synaptogenesis - synaptic pruning - myelination - plasticity o Brain damage and recovery Testing infants - Preferential looking paradigm - Habituation/dishabituation Newborn’s preferences - What prefer to look at? -
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review+terms+for+final - Spring Quarter 2008 PSC 140 Study...

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