April8th2008 - Nervous System Peripheral nervous system...

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1 Organization of Nervous System Nervous System • Peripheral nervous system – Includes all nerves outside the brain and spinal cord • Central nervous system –Bra in – Spinal cord Peripheral Nervous System • Cranial nerves • Spinal nerves • Autonomic nervous system – Sympathetic – Parasympathetic Sympathetic Nervous System • Prepares the body for quick action – Mobilization of energy (catabolic processes) – Increased heart rate – Increase respiration Sympathetic Nervous System • Sympathetic nerves are found in the spinal cord • They regulate the function of other organs via projections of axons • Generally acts in opposition to sympathetic nervous system – Slow heart rate – Vasodilation – Increase digestion – Anabolic activities
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2 • Parasympathetic nerves are located just below brainstem and above spinal cord • Affect organ function via axon projections • Includes vagus nerve – Slows heart rate Parasympathetic Central Nervous System •“ The area subdivisions are in large part meaningless, and misleading as to the presumptive functional divisions of the cortex ” – Karl Lashely • Improved experimental designs have gradually shown that many brain areas are specialized Do you want white or dark?
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April8th2008 - Nervous System Peripheral nervous system...

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