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April8th2008 - Nervous System Peripheral nervous system...

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1 Organization of Nervous System Nervous System Peripheral nervous system – Includes all nerves outside the brain and spinal cord Central nervous system – Brain – Spinal cord Peripheral Nervous System Cranial nerves Spinal nerves Autonomic nervous system – Sympathetic – Parasympathetic Sympathetic Nervous System Prepares the body for quick action – Mobilization of energy (catabolic processes) – Increased heart rate – Increase respiration Sympathetic Nervous System Sympathetic nerves are found in the spinal cord They regulate the function of other organs via projections of axons Generally acts in opposition to sympathetic nervous system – Slow heart rate – Vasodilation – Increase digestion – Anabolic activities Parasympathetic Nervous System
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2 • Parasympathetic nerves are located just below brainstem and above spinal cord Affect organ function via axon projections Includes vagus nerve – Slows heart rate Parasympathetic Central Nervous System • “ The area subdivisions are in large part meaningless, and misleading as to the presumptive functional divisions of the cortex ” – Karl Lashely Improved experimental designs have gradually shown that many brain areas are specialized Do you want white or dark?
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