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PSC 101 Practice Questions Midterm 3 1. In order for sexual behavior to occur normally in female rats, _______ receptors must be activated in order to induce lordosis. A) androgen B) progesterone C) AMH D) opiate 2. Lesions of the medial amygdala in rats A) interrupt sexual differentiation. B) lengthen the refractory period. C) abolish the production of pheromones. D) abolish male mating behavior in response to receptive females. 3. In the polygynous meadow vole, the hippocampus in females A) is smaller than in males B) is larger than in males C) is about the same size as in males D) has more acetylcholine than males 4. Which of the following brain areas showed increased activation in deaf individuals during signing? A) Broca's area B) Wenicke's Area C) visual cortex D) auditory cortex 5. When a person is asked to speak a heard word, Broca's area receives information directly from: A) Wernicke's area B) auditory cortex C) motor cortex D) angular gyrus
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Exam3_Practice+Questions - PSC 101 Practice Questions...

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