Diethylgoop - Di-ethyl goop (DEG) DEG(solid) Specific heat...

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Unformatted text preview: Di-ethyl goop (DEG) DEG(solid) Specific heat 0.32 cal/ g·°C DEG(liquid) 0.60 cal/ g·°C (solid) → (liquid) Transition temperature heat of phase change 58° C 30 cal/ g DEG(gas) 0.15 cal/ g·°C (liquid) →(gas) 198° C 370 cal/ g In an experiment, 55 kcal of heat is added to an otherwise thermally isolated (i.e., cannot lose energy to the environment) sample of DEG. The sample weighs 200 g, and has an initial temperature of 18°C. (a) What is the exact nature of the final state of this DEG sample? (b) How much of the 55 kcal of heat went to the bond system, and how much to the thermal energy system? Discuss your answer using an energy-system diagram for this process. Label system changes and energy increases/decreases (if any). ...
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