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7A C/D Winter 2009 – Quiz 4 Rubric Points Description 1. ( 40% ) Q 10 Correct behavioral description and complete explanation. W 8.5 Correct behavior, but explanation is partially flawed. Shows strong understanding. E 6 Incorrect behavior and explanation, but shows some understanding. R 4 Incorrect, very slight grasp of concepts. T 2 Complete lack of understanding. 2.a. ( 20% ) Q 10 KE graph with correct zeros and maximum value. W 7 Shows bounded behavior, but wrong zeros or maximum value. E 5 Said it was bounded, but drew an unbounded KE graph. R 2 Completely incorrect. Shows no understanding of point by point graphing. 2.b. ( 20% ) Q 10 Appropriate values for rmin and rmax combined with a complete explanation for why both exist based on energy
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Unformatted text preview: conservation. W 7.5 Appropriate values, but incomplete explanation E 6 Thought the system was bounded, but doesn't fully understand the graph or the microscopic model of bond energy. R 4 Though the system was unbonded. Very little understanding. T 2 Complete lack of understanding. 2.c. ( 20% ) Q 10 Correct values and complete explanation. W 8 Incorrect values, but nearly complete understanding of concepts of equipartition and average energies. E 6 Shows some understanding, but incomplete knowledge of concepts. R 4 Very little understanding. T 2 Complete lack of understanding....
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