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Unformatted text preview: 7A-C/D Win 09 Quiz 3 DL Sec Last 6 digits ID # Name (Last, First) Grade The graph to the right shows a new type of PE plotted versus separation distance r for a pair of particles. Assume the system is closed unless otherwise stated. 1) a. Clearly describe in words or indicate on the graph the separations at which the force between the two particles is zero. Similarly indicate or describe fully where the force is attractive and where it is repulsive . Briefly describe how you got your answer. Magnitude of force is indicated by change in PE per separation, i.e. the slope on a PE vs. r graph. So |F| = 0 at the flat marks on the graph, about 3 nm, 6 nm, and 8 nm. The force always pushes in the direction of lower PE, so it is repulsive (pushes particles towards larger separation) between separations of 0 to 3 or 6 to 8 nm. It is attractive (pushes towards closer separation) for separations from 3 to 6 or 8 to 12 nm....
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