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Punishment Research Paper week 6 Revised

Punishment Research Paper week 6 Revised - Punishment...

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Punishment Research Paper Thomas Lee Tracy Jr Axia College of University of Phoenix
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The term of punishment is an age old term that is widely viewed as a form of payment to a wrong done on a person or property. There are many forms of punishment which I will outline in this paper and give a perspective on how punishment works in the United States. These forms exist of punishment exist to punish individuals that commit crimes against other individuals in society. The term of retribution is a universal concept shared by all races that claims a retributive power over an individual that commits an offense against them. Although retribution is held in some circles as a supernatural force that is the way of the universe to where many people over the ages have held as a true force of nature. The concept of retribution is also believed to exist in the next life after the mortal soul passes into the afterlife. These supernatural believes have gave way to the prevented aspect on some crimes as the offender does not want to suffer an eternity of retribution in the afterlife. Many cultures have the concept of retribution as a tool to prevent crimes from the church in which the use of retribution is used to scare and get rid of political enemy’s. The concept of retribution can be used in good ways and for some is used as a tool to invoke fear to attain power of other cultures. It is documented that the concept of retribution dates back to the teachings of Christ in which he thought temporal retributions against an individual that occurs on this plane of existence after an individual passes into the after life. I have documented reports that this had occurred is one of the earliest forms of retribution. The other form of proactive steps to stopping a crime from happing is the concept of deterrence in which
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Punishment Research Paper week 6 Revised - Punishment...

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