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Checkpoint: Deviant Behavior I would have to say the human rights issue that is involved in china is one that is a deviant behavior in the western culture. I mean this by saying that in china the human rights issue that has been documented on its workers for close to slavery of the working class by the upper elite class has its acts of deviant behavior that is considered to be unlawful behavior by western culture. The factors that have contributed to this deviant behavior that I have read about is the nations history of conquering each others clan and putting the losing clan into slave service of the winning clan. The modern day china has its developed
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Unformatted text preview: system of servitude from this history of its nation. Western Culture views this kind of activity as unlawful because of a realized human rights violations that the western nations have learned from where a lot of wars were fought to change the human rights behavior. I believe that countries like the United States had bloody civil wars to correct the human rights violations that were considered unlawful to do to a human being by western standards. I believe history can teach a new generation that deviant behavior is not the acceptable course or some event can change deviant behavior....
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