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Romance In the “Knight of the Cart” episode of Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur (“Launcelot and Guenivere IV” in our translation), Lancelot ends up championing the honor of Guinevere against Maleagant, who has accused the queen of treason. After a few rounds, Lancelot gets the best of Maleagant, who seeks to surrender (67- 68). Lancelot looks to the queen, who, by signs, indicates that she wants Maleagant dead (68). Lancelot then devises a ploy to ensure that this will be the outcome of the fight. Discuss how this incident contributes to our understanding of the characters of Lancelot and Guinevere. What attributes of the ideal man and ideal woman have carried over from the Persian tradition of romance into the European tradition? How has the focus of the story shifted between Vis and Ramin and the Morte D’Arthur ? This confrontation between Sir Lancelot and Sir Maleagant, similar to Vis and Ramin, highlights the special standards that apply to character in the context of love. Malory
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