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Sunpreet Singh Cultural Foundations II- 8-9:15am The charitable perform tasks of good service for those less fortunate, to attain an award or gain mental stability from these acts. Islam founds its Ummah on a principal of giving back to those in need. A covenant is established within the community, in which everyone must give back to the community, to receive a favorable account on Judgment Day. These ideas, indirectly, imposes that everyone be charitable now, or hold themselves responsible for not doing so later. Ultimately, all these acts are performed to get near God, as this is the reward for being both righteous and virtuous. On the other hand, Dante Alighieri, author of The Commedia, promulgates society on a principal of brotherly love, to gain access to the gates of heaven. As a result, his ideas set a different standard to being righteous, one founded on the Aristotelian definition of man. Both perspectives greatly impact society today, in regards to religious wars and argumentation on their conflicting beliefs. The connotation of living one’s life to get near God, in Islam, has several distinct features prevalent in their practices and beliefs. In a literal sense, directionality is established towards God, through the mihrab, which recesses towards the directions of the Mecca. From another perspective, the reward, of getting closer to God, is attained through living both submissively and charitably towards Allah. “O ye who believe! Spend out of (the bounties) We have provided for you. Before the Day comes When no bargaining (will avail)” (2:254) The Qur’an lays down the justification for the necessity to live a charitable life; since what you possess is a gift of God, it is your obligation to give some away to your fellow man. In the second portion of the quote, another feature of the practice of charity is inferred, the inability of man to bargain or argue his contributions. This essentially, sets a 1
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sense of urgency to be charitable now and continue performing the act as a habit or ritual. Another implication of propagating activities, as the basis for salvation, is that Islam is a
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CF on charity - Sunpreet Singh Cultural Foundations II-...

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