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T’ang Poetry / Monkey : 1) lyric : a brief melodic poem typically characterized by the subjective expression of a single speaker who speaks in the first person. eg. Du Fu, Li Bo, and Wang Wei are lyric poets 2) scroll painting : in Chinese art, scroll painting typically consists of ink and water-based colors on silk, and takes one of two forms. Handscrolls are long, narrow, horizontal paintings meant to be viewed sequentially by only a few people at a time; whereas hanging scrolls are large vertical paintings meant to be viewed all at once by a wider audience. eg. handscroll: Court Ladies Preparing Newly Woven Silk; hanging scroll: Travelers Among Mountains and Streams 3) porcelain : a vitreous translucent ceramic product made of refined white clay that is glazed and fired at a high temperature. Porcelain was made in China beginning in the 8 th C by a technique not discovered in the West until the 18 th C. eg. Ming Dynasty blue-and-white wares 4) Silk Road : a 5,000 mile network of caravan and sea routes from the imperial capital Xi’an
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