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final_results_cover_CF2_'10_sec_16 (1) - Dear CF2 students:...

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Dear CF2 students: I have now filed your final grades, which you should be able to access on Albert later this week. The results were very good: 7 out of 16 students received B+ or better. The results of the final were as follows: 12 out of 16 students did better or got the same grade as the mid term. This means the results were also very good: more than half the class, or 9 out of 16 students, earned B+ or better. Gold stars to the following for 16/16 on the definitions: Tatiana, Spencer, Lucy, Sunpreet, and Arielle. The highest grade on the quote ids was 12.5/14: gold stars to Nicole, Lucy, and Arielle. The answers were: 1) Have pity on yourself, and then on him. / Don’t be so distant; he’s been kind to you, / And now it’s your turn to show kindness too. / . . . / Now, if you’re human, you must give us proof! The nurse from Vis and Ramin : in medieval romance, one of the key attributes of the ideal female is pity, which is here implicated in an idea of requital. The nurse is suggesting that Vis somehow owes Ramin in return for his “kindness”: her pity will then collapse the distance between them and enable their mutual love. The nurse argues further that pity is a sign of “humanity,” which underscores her larger point that sex is in fact natural and not immoral or against God’s purpose as Vis has argued. 2) Music and ceremony to correct my faults / mountains and forests to addle me with joy. Du Fu: The first line speaks to the Confucian idea that music and ritual facilitate self-cultivation. The second line evokes a Chinese idea of the sublime: the word “addled” suggests that the
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This note was uploaded on 09/13/2010 for the course BIOLOGY BIO-1B taught by Professor Dehaan during the Spring '10 term at Berkeley College.

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final_results_cover_CF2_'10_sec_16 (1) - Dear CF2 students:...

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