2008 - Intimate Partner Violence Why do you men abuse?...

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Unformatted text preview: Intimate Partner Violence Why do you men abuse? Interpersonal Violence (IPV) - any behavior carried out with the primary proximal intent to cause physical harm to a romantic partner who is motivated to avoid being harmed (Finkel, et all 2007) Paradox: Why do people hurt the ones they love? Rates of intimate violence are disturbingly high: different studies have reported rates ranging from 12-57% Depending on the sample, definition of violence, wording of the question Approximately 1.3 million women and 835,000 men are physically assaulted by a partner annually Women in US more likely to e killed by male dating partner than a stranger First Large Study- Prevalence of IPV National Family Violence Survey Results Both men and women use violence Incidents of violence are not very severe But violence is fairly common (about 16% of couples, 1 in 6 couples) Other studies conducted on samples from domestic violence shelters, police records/reports (extreme situations of violence) Men are always the perpetrators Very severe incidents involving injury or death 1200 US cases in 2000 Lower rates: around .8% of couples (or only 8 in every 1000) (severe cases) 2 Types of Partner Violence Type 1: Common Couple Violence During conflicts, often both couple members "Lose Control" pushing slapping shoving 59-71% of these cases are bi-directional, with both partners involved...
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2008 - Intimate Partner Violence Why do you men abuse?...

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