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Chapter Key Terms

Chapter Key Terms - Chapter 7 Key Terms Working women 2...

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Chapter 7 Key Terms Working women: 2 categories Employed women- women who work for pay. Exmployed women may receive a salary or be self=employed Nonemployed women- women who are unpaid for their work. May work for families in their homes, or for volunteer organizations but receive no money Access discrimination- discrimination used in hiring Well qualified women receiving less attractive positions Reasons behind access Discrimination: Employers who have strong gender role stereotypes When women apply for a prestigious position In applications for “gender inappropriate” jobs Occurs in both men and women When applicants qualifications are ambiguous More likely to hire an un qualified man then unqualified woman Gender-role spillover- beliefs that gender roles and characteristics spread to the work setting Affirmative action- employer must make special efforts to consider qualified members of underrepresented groups during hiring and promotion decisions Reverse discrimination- woman would be hired instead of a more qualified man bc of affirmative action Treatment discrimination- discrimination women encounter after they have obtained a job Ex. Women earn less then men do Comparable worth- men and women should receive equal pay for dfferent jobs when those different jobs are comparable- jobs require equal training and equal ability Occupational segregation- men and women tend to chose different occupations, A possible strong reason for the wage gap between men and women Entitlement- belief that they have a right for a higher reward Men tend to ask for higher salaries for the same job then women do Glass ceiling- invisible barrier that seems to prevent women and people of color from reaching the top levels in many organizations Sticky floor- situation of women who are emplyed in low-level dead-end jobs with no chance of promotion
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Glass escalator- men who enter fields often associated with women like nursing, teaching, often excel and are promoted to management positions Sexual harassment- deliberate or repeated comments gestures or physical contacts of a sexual nature that are unwanted by the recipient Women tend to be sexual objects rather then competent employees Heterosexism- bias against lesbians and gays and bisexuals Face constant discrimination in the workplace Bias is less likely when people are already familiar with an employees work Lesbians earn higher salaries typically because they often pursue nontraditional careers Sweatshop- factory that violates labor laws regarding wages and working conditions Person centered explinations
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Chapter Key Terms - Chapter 7 Key Terms Working women 2...

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