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Chapter 4 Outline - prospective career choices Females with...

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Chapter 4 Outline- Adolescence Chilly classroom environment- women experience prejudice in fields and often feel incompetent and undervalued More likely in male dominated careers Adolescent males and females have similar career aspirations and goals Have equivalent aspirations with respect to advanced degrees and prestigious careers Females are more likely to chose careers that are non traditional but are often discouraged by society to pursue them When considering careers females are more likely to emphasize the importance or marriage and children Parents are more likely to let girls make their own decisions then boys Females are more likely to report information of gathering information about their
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Unformatted text preview: prospective career choices Females with high career aspirations have high self esteem and are independent and stable. Parents are also likely to be well educated When entering middle school is when females may abandon ambitious career choices. They may absorb the cultural messages about finding a boy-friend and lose sight of the goals. Females goals also diminished as they progressed through college years. They spent more time on romantic relationships and getting married and school became boring and unimportant Females often feel closer to their mothers then their fathers in north America and other cultures...
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