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Extra credit - as well This marketing is saying that women...

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Extra credit Anthony Sansone 12/3/2008 Psychology 239 This chosen ad was created by Max Factor makeup. The ad shows two beautiful women, who are not necessarily scantily clothed, but are gazing at the camera very sexually. This ad is using the typical motto that “sex sells.” These women are chosen to attract the attention of those women who possibly have self-esteem issues, and are looking for ways to stand out and draw attention. One of those ways being vibrantly colored makeup. It is trying to say that if you have standout makeup on like these models do, you will stand out as well. The name of the makeup line is naughty and nice. This is implying that women should not only be nice, which is almost always expected, but should have a naughty side
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Unformatted text preview: as well. This marketing is saying that women should portray themselves as sexual at the present day, and express their “naughty” side of their personality. The ad is from Cosmopolitan magazine, which is popular among teenagers and extending its popularity to younger age groups. Younger girls are seeing ads like these and trying to look as these models do. It is teaching younger girls about sex and causing girls to lose their innocence and grow up faster. For the girls of age seeing ads like this it is most certainly causing them to doubt their self esteem as only a small portion of the population can look as these models do....
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