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Database Systems I Project A Database Driven Web Site Description A database-driven web site. The project will give you an opportunity to exercise the techniques and tools you learn in this class. The three main functions expected from the database-driven web site are (1) Involve a web server that communicates with a database server in the background, (2) Enable user updates to the database through a web interface, and (3) Generate web pages automatically from the user-supplied data in the database. The theme and sample domains will be discussed in class. Platform There are various options for implementing the project. On the server side, the options include JSP, ASP, Java Servlets, PHP, Perl etc. On the client side, you can use Javascript or similar. For your database you can use your Oracle account on omega, the Microsoft Access engine on, or any other relational database available to you, such as MySQL, DB2 etc. For connecting the database with the web server, you can use ODBC, JDBC or the like. If you do not have access to a web server where you can host your home page and server-side scripts, you can instead use UTA's students machine. Please contact the TA for information on this option. While the use of your Oracle account on omega is recommended, you can choose to use any system that will enable you to satisfy project requirements. Please contact OIT (x2208, ) with your technical problems with your Oracle account. You can invoke the Oracle command line interpreter with the "sqlplus" command. Please read the following web page on how to use Oracle on Omega: The following web pages contain various manuals about Oracle: Using Oracle at UTA Getting started with Oracle Oracle With Embedded C (Pro*C) Pro*C examples PLSQL manual (By Chang, Ullman et al. at Stanford University) Another PLSQL manual Yet another PLSQL manual The data loader manual
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projectFall2004[1] - Database Systems I Project A Database...

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