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University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering EE357 Basic Organization of Computer Systems CF Assembly Basics References: 1) Textbook 2) Mark Redekopp’s slide series Shahin Nazarian Fall 2009 3) Freescale documents on CF
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Coldfire Instruction Classes Data Transfer Move data between processor & memory Move data between re isters w/in processor Move data between registers w/in processor Can specify .B, .W, .L size ALU Performs arithmetic and logic operations Only .L size => Ops. must be on a full 32-bit longword contents Control / Program Flow Unconditional/Conditional Branch Subroutine Calls Privileged / System Instructions Instructions that can only be used by OS or other “supervisor” software (e g STOP certain HW access Shahin Nazarian/EE357/Fall 2009 2 supervisor software (e.g. STOP, certain HW access instructions, etc.)
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