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Last Revised: 3/12/2009 1 EE 357 Lab 4 Stopwatch 1 Introduction You will work in teams of one or two to write C code for your Coldfire board to implement the functionality of a stopwatch. You will plug your microcontroller board into the provided project boards which are equipped with the necessary displays. This project, though well-defined, will not provide a large amount of pre- written code. It will be up to your creative and design abilities to complete the project. 2 What you will learn This lab will help you integrate the embedded coding concepts and different I/O functionality into a single project. You will need to integrate the concepts of timers, polling and interrupts, and GP I/O to arrive at a working solution. You may pull in code from the basic demo lab/projects that we performed earlier. 3 Background Information and Notes Stopwatch Application This project will implement a stopwatch application that counts upwards in increments of tenths of seconds from 00.0 to 59.9 seconds. It will provide the ability to start, stop, and reset (back to 00.0) the stopwatch. It should also implement a “lap” feature which freezes the displayed time at the instant the “lap” button is pressed while still keeping the internal watch time incrementing. When “lap” is toggled again (or “start” is pressed again) the internal watch time (which has been running) should be re-displayed and then continue as normal. MCU Development Board This project requires more and different I/O than is present on the MCF5211 board (more than the 4 LED’s, 2 push buttons, serial port and ADC). To provide the ability to prototype larger projects, we have several development boards. These boards have a connector for your microcontroller board which take the I/O pins of your microcontroller and connect them to the custom-designed digital circuits on the development board. For this lab, we have designed and implemented the necessary stopwatch display logic on the development boards and simply provide an interface definition that your program must follow. You will develop your code using that interface definition, plug your individual microcontroller board into the development board and test/debug your program. The stopwatch application requires 3 decimal-digit displays (tens, ones, and tenths of
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ee357_lab4_stopwatch - EE 357 Lab 4 Stopwatch 1...

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