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Quiz1Rub - Phy 7A Winter 2009 Quiz 1 Rubric Michael Woods...

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Unformatted text preview: Phy 7A Winter 2009 Quiz 1 Rubric Michael Woods Problem 1 Letter Q R V Points 10 9.5 9 S 7 W 6 T 6 X Z 4 0 Description Correct and complete Set up correctly with only computational error. Leaves out one of the three parts but solves correctly and knows clearly the process at hand. Sets up all three parts (Energy system diagram, energy conservation equation, and solving for Ti) but makes conceptual error. (Wrong Ti) (Using one heat capacity for both forms of H2O) Leaves out one of the three parts that produces a wrong answer, but shows understanding. Sets up all three parts, but with serious conceptual errors. (Leaving out a ∆E system) (Missing intermediates steps if used). Leaves out one or two parts and lacks understanding. Little to no progress. Problem 2 Letter Points Description Q 10 Correct and complete. Uses terms at hand to describe parameters: Specific heats, characteristic temperatures, heats of melting and vaporization. Describes each clearly. R 7 Describes only two clearly. S 5 Describes only one clearly. X 2 None of the three topics are well discussed. ...
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