Fall 2010 Syllabus-04 v20

Fall 2010 Syllabus-04 v20 - KSU Syllabus for Hist 1110...

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KSU Syllabus for Hist 1110 – Intro to World Civilization . Fall Semester 2010, section 04 Lori Coleman, M.A. E-mail address: lcolem31@kennesaw.edu Office Hours, M,W 10:50am–12:20pm by appointment, Room 4005, Social Science (Knock if door is locked) Turnitin.com Class ID 3260169, password 81545 I. COURSE TITLE : History 1110 – Intro to World Civilizations II. COURSE DESCRIPTION : This class offers an overview of world history which provides an introduction to the origin and development of the world's civilizations and their political, social, cultural, and economic traditions. The class uses a global approach to world history and emphasizes the universal nature of the experience. I hope this class will be a two-way discussion between instructor and students in which each participant uses his/her background and experience to add value to the class. Come prepared each day to participate. III. REQUIRED TEXT : Bentley, Jerry H., Herbert F. Ziegler, and Heather E. Streets. Traditions and Encounters: A Brief Global History . New York: McGraw-Hill, Inc., 2008. [ISBN 978-0-07-353453-4 ]. If you purchase a different edition, please ensure chapter numbers and pages are correct . IV. GENERAL COURSE REQUIREMENTS : Students will be expected to demonstrate understanding of textbook and class lecture information. History 1110 fulfills a core requirement and is a rigorous class that requires extensive reading and writing. V. GRADING : Timeline Project (see GA View Learning Module) – 15% Mapping Project (see GA View Learning Module) – 20% Exams – 60% (4 exams) Attendance– 5% AVERAGE GRADE 90 - 100 A 80 - 89 B 70 - 79 C 60 - 69 D BELOW 60 F VI. CLASS CONDUCT : 1. Please be on time to class. I will take roll at the beginning of class. Students not present when the roll is passed will be counted as absent. 2. If a student misses a test or assignment, he or she will receive
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This note was uploaded on 09/14/2010 for the course POLS 2270 taught by Professor Kremer during the Spring '08 term at Kennesaw.

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Fall 2010 Syllabus-04 v20 - KSU Syllabus for Hist 1110...

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