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Lemonade Tycoon Game Info and Tips - Lemonade Tycoon Basic...

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Lemonade Tycoon Basic Information We will play the game in “challenge mode” for a maximum of 30 days with each section playing as a team against the other two sections. You will help run your team’s company by managing the aspects of your lemonade stand (price, location, recipe, etc.) by completing the periodic surveys posted to the Assignments section of Blackboard. Your objective is to maximize your company’s profits and end the game in the best financial position possible. Lemonade Tycoon Tips (from game help) Weather and Temperature Keep a close eye on weather and temperature. This will help you estimate how many potential customers you should meet and decide on an appropriate recipe and price. Keep in mind that what you see every morning is a forecast and as such it may (and will) differ from the weather and temperature you’ll experience during the day. Choosing your Recipe Try different combinations of ingredients and see what works best. Remember to keep a good balance between lemon and sugar; you don’t want your lemonade to be too sweet or too sour. It’s good to add ice cubes when the temperature is higher; it keeps the lemonade cool, plus it allows you to serve more cups per pitcher. Beware that when you are adding ice you need to keep the balance with the other ingredients. Buying Supplies Buy everything you need to last for a day, at least. You don’t want to run out of stock in the middle of a promising day. Depending on the stand you are using there is a limit on the amount of goods you can stock. Also, note that all goods besides cups are perishable; ice is good for one day only, lemons for a few days, and a couple of weeks for sugar. Try not to keep too much in stock or you’ll lose money. Setting Your Price Take all parameters into account and set an appropriate price for the day. People are less likely to buy on cold and rainy days and more when it’s hot and sunny. Adjust your price accordingly. Watch out for customer types: kids don’t have a lot of money to spend, but businessmen, on the
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Lemonade Tycoon Game Info and Tips - Lemonade Tycoon Basic...

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