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NTR 162 RD credentialF10 - NTR 162 Fall 2010 Class notes...

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NTR 162 Fall 2010 Class notes from August 27, 2010 RD credential, licensure, advanced practice credentials Dietitian (note spelling) defined: Professional person who is translator of science and art of foods, nutrition and dietetics in the service of people. Dietetics is a profession: There is a specialized body of knowledge. Specialized services are rendered to society. There is an obligation for continuing education. Concern for competence = registration exam and continuing education The RD credential is the only nationally recognized title for nutrition expert. Visit http://www.cdrnet.org/certifications/CDRCertification.htm What do you have to do to become a registered dietitian? Complete the requirements of a Didactic Program in Dietetics Earn an undergraduate degree –it does not have to be in nutrition/dietetics Complete a dietetic internship or coordinated program (900 hours of supervised practice, which will increase to 1200 hours) Pass the RD exam What do you do to maintain the credential? To maintain the credential, the RD must complete 75 hours of continuing education within a five-year period, and maintain registration through the Commission on Dietetic Registration. What requirements are there to be called a nutritionist? There are none. State Licensure of Dietitians LD - licensed dietitian – a credential from a state LDN or CDN – licensed dietitian-nutritionist or certified dietitian-nutritionist in some states Usually the requirements for state licensure require evidence of the RD credential, references from practicing dietitians and maintenance of continuing education hours. State Laws that Regulate Dietitians/Nutritionists
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NTR 162 RD credentialF10 - NTR 162 Fall 2010 Class notes...

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