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NTR 332 syllabusF10 - NTR 332 Community Nutrition Unique...

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NTR 332 Community Nutrition Unique 53445 Fall 2010 Instructor : Jane Tillman, MS, RD Office: GEA 30D Ph: 232-6161 email: [email protected] Teaching Assistant: Natalie Shepherd Poulos, [email protected] Course Meets : MWF 9-9:50 GEA 100 Office Hours: Monday 10-11:00; Tuesday 3:00-3:30; Wednesday 10-10:30 and by appointment Prerequisites: Nutrition 312 (or 311), 315, and 326 with a grade of at least C- in each. Course Objectives The objectives of NTR 332 are to provide students with the basic knowledge and understanding of the following: Responsibilities of the community nutritionist Nutrition program planning and evaluation strategies Methods of nutritional assessment and intervention Identification of nutrition programs and policies for various stages of the life cycle Tools needed to solve nutritional and health problems in a community setting NTR 332 will address certain Foundation Requirements and Learning Outcomes for Didactic Programs in Dietetics outlined at the end of the syllabus. Service learning will be used to enhance students’ awareness of community needs. At the beginning of each chapter in the text there are learning objectives specific for that chapter. Additional objectives may be added to the chapter outline on Blackboard. Textbook Required: Community Nutrition in Action: An Entrepreneurial Approach 5th Edition, Boyle and Holben, Thomson Wadsworth, 2010. ISBN-10: 0-495-55901-6 Evaluation: Three 50 minute exams (100 points each) 39% Final exam (optional-see conditions below) 13% Chapter quizzes/worksheets (10 pts each) 12% Community Service Learning (8 hours) 6% Community Service Reflection Paper 2% Community Nutrition Project 15% Summaries of guest speakers (5 pts each) 5% Class participation/behavior/ attendance/peer evaluation 5% Letter to Elected Official 3% 100%
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A 91-100 C 71-76.9 A- >89.5-90.9 C- >69.5 -70.9 B+ 87-89.5 D+ 67-69.5 B 81-86.9 D 61-66.9 B- >79.5 – 80.9 D- >59.5-60.9 C+ 77-79.5 F < 59.5 There will be no gift points at the end of the semester. “Borderline” grades will not be rounded up. The student must earn the requisite percentage for the designated grade. Blackboard: http://courses.utexas.edu Syllabus, announcements, PowerPoint lectures, outlines, grades, quizzes, etc. are posted on Blackboard. Written assignments are due at 9:00 a.m. on the date due. (Late papers turned in the same day after the beginning of a class period will have a 10% penalty.) Late papers will be penalized at the rate of 20% per weekday. Late papers will not be accepted eight calendar days after the due date. There may be unannounced quizzes that will count towards attendance. Assignments will be returned in class. If you do not want your grades disclosed to others, attach a cover sheet. Examination Policies
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NTR 332 syllabusF10 - NTR 332 Community Nutrition Unique...

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