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1. Although there are practical advantages to being an e-tailer, such as lower overhead costs, it has many drawbacks and barriers so the winners in many market segments will be companies that use the click-and-mortar approach Page Reference: 103 True 2. The amount and percentage of goods and services sold on the Internet is increasing rapidly, despite the failure of many dot-com companies Page Reference: 93 True 3. All click-and-mortar retailers started life as a traditional storefront with a physical retail presence only and over time adopted an online transactional capability as well (brick only to brick-and-click) Page Reference: 102 False 4. A business model is an analysis of the organization’s customers and, from that, a discussion of how that organization will achieve profitability and sustainability by delivering goods and services to those customers Page Reference: 99 True 5. Goods with the following characteristic-guarantee provided by highly reliable or well-known vendors-are expected to facilitate higher sales volumes Page Reference: 98 True 6. Many insurers are using a dual distribution strategy, by adding online distribution of standard products to their traditional agency distribution system. Page Reference: 117 True 7. realized a substantial reduction in operating costs and inventory costs by eliminating its brick-and-mortar stores and becoming a pure-play in e-commerce. Page Reference: 117 True 8. In general, online real estate is replacing existing real estate agents in most markets. Page Reference: 116 False 9. Offering quality merchandise at good prices, coupled with excellent service, and cross-channel coordination and integration in which customers can almost seamlessly operate between the online and physical environments of a business are also important elements in successful e-tailing. Page Reference: 98 True
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10. In implementing a successful click-and-mortar strategy, a company must make sure that whether a customer establishes contact through face-to- face encounters with store personnel or through the Web page, the information and service received is consistent. Page Reference: 139 True 11. Offline transactions are somewhat influenced by research conducted online, with approximately one-third of online shoppers reporting that they used the Internet to research and influence their offline shopping choices. Page Reference: 97 False 12. Investors in e-tailers which report small losses on each unit sold should not be concerned because the huge volume of business available online should more than offset these small marginal losses. Page Reference: 137 False 13. Consumer electronics, including cell phone sales, are the largest category of online retail. Page Reference: 95
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EC_Quiz 3 - 1. Although there are practical advantages to...

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