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Companies that choose an intermediary to do their buying and selling will have high supply chain power and buying/ selling capabilities False 2. Benefits of using a third-party hosting company for conducting B2B auctions instead of developing an auction site in-house include all of the following EXCEPT: a. Time-to-market of several weeks. b. No additional resources are needed such as hardware, bandwidth, engineering resources, or IT personnel. c. No hiring costs. d. No redeployment of corporate resources. 3. _____________ occurs when B2B eliminates a distributor or a retailer. a. Purging b. Collaboration c. Disintermediation d. Just-in-time delivery 4. B2B transactions that involve communication, design, planning, information sharing, and activites beyond financial transactions among business partners is referred to as ____________. a. exchanges b. collaborative commerce c. trading communities d. public marketplaces 5. In general, the benefits of contract-management software include all of the following EXCEPT: a. Reduces contract-related risks b. Reduces contract negotiation time and efforts c. Enables standardization of contracts throughout the enterprise d. Provides more efficient approval provesses 6. Supply chain improvements and collaborative commerce are a basic type of B2B which has a hub manager for supply chain improvements, communicating, collaborating, and information sharing. False <219> 7. ____________ can be supported more effectively and efficiently through direct buyer–seller offline or online negotiations, which can be done in private exchanges or private trading rooms in public exchanges. a. Strategic purchases b. Spot buying c. B2C commerce d. MRO 8. Which of the following is not one of the major benefits of B2B? a. Expedites processing and reduces cycle time. b. Enables customized online catalogs with the same prices for different customer s. c. Increases production flexibility, permitting just-in-time deliver y. d. Increases opportunities for collaboratio n. 9. In the real world, negotiations are done primarily electronically and with negotiation support tools False <247> 10. MRO stands for “maintenance, repair, and operation” which refer to indirect or nonproduction materials that support the production process True <222> 11. Transaction fees for B2B financial services are higher than for most other methods True <> 12. With a bartering exchange, a company submits its surplus to the exchange and receives points of credit, which the company can then use to buy items that it needs True <245> 13. Forward auctions expand online sales and offer businesses a new venue for quickly and easily disposing of excess, obsolete, and returned products. True
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EC_Quiz 5 - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Companies that...

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