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1. The exclusively online publication of Stephen King’s e-book Riding the Bullet in March 2000: a. produced very few sales b. was an unqualified success and established electronic publishing as a legitimate competitor for traditional publishers c. was a failure because the cost of the book was too high d. as disrupted by hackers who breached security, then distributed free copies of the book <387> 2. The tasks if KM include each of the following EXCEPT: a. creating knowledge repositories where knowledge can be stored and retrieved easily b. enhancing a knowledge environment in order to conduct more effective knowledge creation, transfer, and use c. restricting knowledge access to prevent its transfer between individuals <393> d. managing knowledge as an asset so as to increase the effective use of knowledge assets over time 3. Risks in corporate blogging include all of the following EXCEPT: a. the risk of disciplinary action against abusive bloggers b. the risk making statements that are or could be construed as libel or defamation c. the risk of lawsuits d. the risk of revealing trade secrets 4. ___________ is commonly used to broadcast public lectures and e-seminars, promote the work of new or unknown musicians, and broadcast international entertainment activities. a. Podcasting b. Webcasting <387> c. File sharing d. Dynamic publishing 5. One of the most important issues in implementing e-government is: a. designing feature-rich Web sites. b. the use of encryption and digital signatures. c. its adoption and usage by citizens. <374> d. providing for secure payments. 6. All of the following are problems in implementing e-Government EXCEPT: a. it is difficult to protect personal data collected through an e-Government site b. the technology needed to implement stage 6 of the Deloitte transformation process does not exist yet c. businesses have been more receptive to G2B than individuals to G2C d. transformation is typically very slow 7. The business forces that are driving the transition from traditional education to online learning are all of the following EXCEPT: a. technological change. b. competition and cost pressures.
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c. network connectivity. d. limited supply of faculty with specialized expertise. <382> 8. Knowledge generated in e-business contributes to the enhancement of three core operating process, which include all of the following EXCEPT: a. supply chain management b. project management <395> c. product development management d. customer relationship management 9. ___________ are a popular online publishing technology for creating a Web page that can be edited by anyone with a standard Web browser. a. Blogs b. Point-casts c. Wikis d. P2P 10. A type of e-book referred to as the ___________is a truly multimedia, online- only book that has hyperlinks, three-dimensional text and display, graphics, audio, and video. It supports non linear exploration of topics a. download b. online reference book model c. interactive, build-your-own decision book
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EC_Quiz 8 - 1. The exclusively online publication of...

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