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EC_Quiz 10 - 1 All of the following are potential benefits...

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1. All of the following are potential benefits from auctions to sellers EXCEPT: a. auctions can broaden the customer base and reduce cycle time. b. sellers receive valuable price sensitivity information. c. sellers are always anonymous. <477> d. sellers can liquidate large quantities of obsolete items very quickly. 2. Each of the following is one of the three major categories of auction rules EXCEPT: a. timing rules <494> b. bidding rules c. clearing rules d. information-revelation rules 3. Dynamic pricing refers to : 4. Each of the following is true about auction rules EXCEPT: 5. The most serious disadvantage of e-auctions is: 6. Many companies use intermediaries or trading assistants instead of implementing e-auctions themselves for each of the following reasons EXCEPT: a. The company name is not widely recognized. b. To bring many more buyers to the auction. c. To avoid tax and legal fees. <493> d. Costs of auction intermediaries or assistants are less than the costs of physical auctions 7. the limitations of mobile auctions are all of the following EXCEPT: 8. Research has shown that e-commerce sites that use an auction model tend to:
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