EC_Quiz 10 - 1. All of the following are potential benefits...

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1. All of the following are potential benefits from auctions to sellers EXCEPT: a. auctions can broaden the customer base and reduce cycle time. b. sellers receive valuable price sensitivity information. c. sellers are always anonymous. <477> d. sellers can liquidate large quantities of obsolete items very quickly. 2. Each of the following is one of the three major categories of auction rules EXCEPT: a. timing rules <494> b. bidding rules c. clearing rules d. information-revelation rules 3. Dynamic pricing refers to : a. prices that are negotiated. b. prices that are regulated by government agencies. c. prices that maximize revenue. d. prices that are determined by market forces. <474> 4. Each of the following is true about auction rules EXCEPT: a. rules eliminate conflicts with existing distributors and distribution channels <494> b. rules are intended to smooth the auction mechanism and to prevent fraud c. auction rules vary from country to country due to legal considerations d. the success of auctions depends on complying with auction rules 5. The most serious disadvantage of e-auctions is: a. the risk of fraud. <490> b. Logistics c. unreliable auction software. d. payment delays 6. Many companies use intermediaries or trading assistants instead of implementing e-auctions themselves for each of the following reasons EXCEPT: a. The company name is not widely recognized. b. To bring many more buyers to the auction. c. To avoid tax and legal fees. <493> d. Costs of auction intermediaries or assistants are less than the costs of physical auctions 7. the limitations of mobile auctions are all of the following EXCEPT: a. Internet-enabled phones have limited memory capacity b. Portable devices are small and may have a problem showing pictures of auction items c. Wireless systems are not as safe as wireline ones d. Internet cell phones are less private than a PC <498: more private> 8. Research has shown that e-commerce sites that use an auction model tend to: a. reach critical mass more quickly than catalog-order-based. <479> b. reach critical mass more slowly than other models. c. become liquid. d. fail more often than other models.
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9. ______________ refers to the tendency of customers to stay at Web sites longer and come back more often. a. High repeat b. Loyalty c. Frequent purchase d. Stickiness <478> 10. A major shortcoming with authentication services is: a. two different authenticators may come up with different opinions regarding the authenticity and description of a given item. <491> b. it is impossible to tell whether many items are reproductions or genuine. c.
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EC_Quiz 10 - 1. All of the following are potential benefits...

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