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13BS - 13th BS 3rd BG World War II Research Questionnaire...

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13th BS, 3rd BG World War II Research Questionnaire for History Project on the book THE HARVEST OF THE GRIM REAPERS THE B-25 ERA 1) We have been trying for many years to locate an early 13th SQ B-25C nicknamed THE QUEEN . This is supposed to be Lt. Gustave Heiss’s aircraft, which was lost on 9/4/42, but we’ve never found a photo of this nose art on a B-25 despite 20 years of searching. Does anyone have a photo of this? 2) The B-25C flown by 13th SQ C.O. Maj. Herman Lowery, shot down on May 25, 1942 near Buna, was supposed to have been nicknamed THE CAJUN , but like the above, no photos of a B-25 with this nose art have ever been found. Need a photo of this aircraft with the nickname visible. 3) We are trying to identify a photo of the nose art of B-25D medium bomber HARVEST TIME that came from a 13th SQ collection. It shows a full facing skeleton (not the side view “Oscar”) holding a scythe. Can anyone provide other photos or information that would help us specifically identity this aircraft, especially its serial number or crew? 4) Another photo of a probable 13th SQ B-25C or D medium bomber that we’re trying to ID is HIGH DICE . M/Sgt. Norman Cates is standing next to the plane. Looking for same info as above. 5) We have a photo of another B-25C or D Medium with an NG native in front of it nicknamed THE KANSAS COMET . This is probably a 13th SQ aircraft. Need confirmation of this and any additional info on this plane. 6) We’ve been given information about an early B-25 stafer with a pinup girl on it called STRIPPED FOR ACTION , but we’ve never been able to locate a photo, or information on its aircrew. Sgt. Willis J. “Zeke” Williams was crew chief on this plane, and George Moon was his assistant. Need photo, SN and crew info. 7) We have two B-25D strafers with small 13th SQ “Oscar” insignias painted on the nose. These include: MORTIMER II and DOWER’S DEVASTATOR . We presume that the latter was flown by Capt. Donald W. Dower, but we know nothing else about these planes, including their serial numbers and fate. Need additional info and photos for these two planes. 8) Beginning about June 1943, the 13th Squadron started painting black skull noses on their B-25s strafers. This practice continued until the skull was changed to white sometime about the end of Sept. 1943. We have located photos or info on several B-25Ds with the black skull noses and nicknames on them for which we are seeking additional information: HICK’S HEDGE HOPPER (need photo, serial number, crew names, etc.); BLOW IT (have frames from 8/18/43 USAAF Film- need additional photos, serial number, crew names, etc.); MURDER INC. (need additional photos, serial number, crew
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names, etc.); PEGASUS (need additional photos, serial number, crew names, etc.- 1/Lt Ernest C. Jones Jr. may have been the assigned pilot); PI JOE (we have many photos but still need a confirmed serial number: 41-303XX); TEXAS TORNADO (possible pilot 1Lt.
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