AP Unites States History Syllabus-Aboud 2009-2010

AP Unites States History Syllabus-Aboud 2009-2010 - Course...

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Course Syllabus: United States History Montwood High School Instructor: Sandra Aboud Instructor Availability: 4:00-4:30 daily - room A240 (subject to meetings). Lunch and before school by appointment E-mail: saboud@sisd.net Telephone: 937 – 2621 Text: The American Pageant: Advanced Placement: McDougal Littell/Houghton Mifflin Ideas That Shape a Nation: James L. Smith Materials: 3 ring binder 5 dividers 1 spiral notebook Evaluation: 40% in class assessments and homework 40% Unit Exams 20% Final Exams Course Description: The AP U.S. History course is divided into significant eras and emphasizes themes throughout American history. These themes include the American identity, economic evolution, and American foreign policy. It also emphasizes the study of significant people, events and issues from colonization to the present. The student will gain knowledge and have an understanding of history as it has impacted our nation. Students will be provided with content, practical knowledge of U.S. History, practice in critical thinking activities, and experience in effective writing techniques that will help to prepare for the AP exam, as well as, future educational studies. Hard work and dedication will be essential to success. There will be 4 in-class Unit Exams and 1 Final Comprehensive Exam each nine weeks. There will be no retakes of exams ; the lowest Unit Exam grade will be dropped. It is the student’s responsibility to make prior arrangements with the instructor if unable to attend class on the day of an exam. The absence must be an excused absence. You will also be expected to complete all writing assignments (in-class and homework) as well as the assigned homework readings. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to obtain the make up work. Assignments due on the day of an absence must be submitted on the first day back from the absence. Please be sure to hand the assignment directly to the instructor .
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Make-up work assignments will be different than the in-class assessment. This is due to the nature of the in-class activities, which will include peer collaboration. The make-up assignment will be a Topic Research Chart over the topic discussed in class on the date of the absence. A copy of the chart format is attached. The date of the absence must be written at the top of the page. If the absence is on the day of a quiz the student must complete the quiz in addition to the Topic Research Chart. Upon the date of return, it is the student’s responsibility to schedule a time to take the quiz before school, at lunch, or after school. If you know you are going to be absent, it is your responsibility to inform me and acquire the work to be assigned in your absence, complete the work, and submit the work by the assigned deadline. Late work will not be accepted.
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AP Unites States History Syllabus-Aboud 2009-2010 - Course...

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