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Fink History 581.02 winter 09 final

Fink History 581.02 winter 09 final - Department of History...

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Department of History The Ohio State University Winter 2009 History 581.02 European International History: Twentieth Century T/Th 1:30 – 3:18 P.M. McPherson 2017 Prof. Carole Fink, Dulles 214 [email protected] ; 292-6594 Office Hour: Wednesday 3:30-5:00 P.M. and by appointment Prof. David Lincove, Sullivant 280D [email protected] ; 292-2393 Office Hour: by appointment Mr. James Helicke, Teaching Assistant, Dulles 322 [email protected] ; 292-2296 Office Hour: Tuesday: 12:00-1:00 P.M., Thursday 3:45-4:45 P.M. and by appointment. SYLLABUS Course objectives The purpose is this course is to introduce students to the history of European international relations in the twentieth century. Topics will include the diplomacy of the first World War and its impact on the international system; the failed attempts to establish peace in the 1920s; the impact of the Great Depression; the causes and diplomacy of the second World War; the dismantling of Europe’s colonial empires; and the history and end of the Cold War. We shall examine the sources of continuity and the elements of change; the role of individuals, groups, institutions and ideologies in international relations; the impact of politics, economy, and culture on foreign policy; the structures and ideas behind European international relations; and some new features (human rights, ecology) of European and world politics. What also makes this course distinctive will be the extensive experience students will gain in the use of Library materials for research. Professor David Lincove, the History Librarian in the Thompson Library, will be playing an active role in defining resources, providing instruction in searching techniques, and enabling students to produce original research projects. Reading assignments will go beyond the traditional text and will include an investigation of primary and secondary sources extending over a broad range of web-based resources. 1
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Format The course will meet twice each week. Classes will consist of a combination of lectures and discussion. Each student will be part of a specific discussion group that will address specific historical topics. Course requirements Attendance is required. Excessive absence (more than two unexcused absences) will lower your grade. No eating or drinking in class. Cell phones must be turned off. Students are expected to do all the reading for each class and be prepared to discuss the assignment as well as take full part in the group discussion. No extensions will be granted, either for papers or exams Grades will be based on : Mid-term and final examination (essay format). No extensions. (40%) Research diary (25%) No extensions. One essay. No extensions. (35%) Class participation (5-10%) Note: Grades can be enhanced by class participation or by marked improvement in written work. Grading Policies (written work): “A” essays and exams will include an excellent introductory and concluding paragraphs presenting and evaluating your thesis. The body of the paper will contain a well written, original, and a well-organized presentation (either thematic or chronological) to support your thesis.
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Fink History 581.02 winter 09 final - Department of History...

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