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World History chapter 18 Test Review - 15 What nation...

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World History chapter 18 World War II and Its Aftermath Test Review Matching 1. Winston Churchill 2. Francisco Franco 3. Dwight Eisenhower 4. Haile Selassie 5. Harry Truman 6. Dunkirk 7. El Alamein 8. Guernica 9. Hiroshima 10. Pearl Harbor Multiple Choice 11. In the 1930's what was the policy of the Western democracies to Axis aggression? 12. What does the Holocaust refer to? 13. Why was the Battle of Midway important? 14. What event ended the war in Europe?
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Unformatted text preview: 15. What nation suffered the greatest number of both civilians and military dead and wounded in World War II? 16. Who were the major rivals in the Cold War? 17. and 18 are questions about a map of Eastern Europe after World War II? Short Answer 19. Compare the positive and negative effects of technology in World War II? 20. How did the Allied war effort limit the rights of citizens in democratic countries?...
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