World War I1 - World War II: The Road to War! A. Town...

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The Road to War! A. “Town shelter” Kathe Kollwitz. I. Impact of WW I- Treaty of Versailles - war guilt - territorial concessions - limits to military - pay billions in reparations II. The Weimar Republic: - unable to solve problems - discredited from beginning, “signed the hated treaty” - The “stabbed in the back” theory. Scapegoat ! B. Post-War Inflation. 100,000 Deutsch Marks, buy $ 1dollar ! I. Germany had spent $ 37 billion during WW I , yet collected $ 1,5 billion in Taxes. II. Inflation. Germany simply printed more money. III. 1923, glass ob beer cost $2 million marks, loaf of bread 4 million. By the fall 1923, one U.S. dollar was worth $ 4 trillion marks! Outrageous. Dawes- Young Plan, U.S. to relieve financial crisis. Loans called in after “the “Crash” 1929. Global Depression. IV. Middle class Germans were the hardest hit, lost entire life savings. C. Herr Comes Adolf Hitler! Follow you Handout- Evolution of Hitler. D. Pro-Hitler Election Poster. “…with Hitler’s leadership, Germany can be Free.” I. In 1933, Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany, begins to establish a Totalitarian state. The Third Reich is born! E. Benito Mussolini’s rise to Power in Italy. I. Italy faced economic hardships following WW I II. Socialism and Communism gaining popularity III. Mussolini’s “black shirts” Italian Fascists- nationalist, “return to the glory days of the Roman Empire.” IV. 1922, Mussolini and his Black Shirts “March on Rome”, frightens Government. Mussolini is appointed Prime Minister. V. Failure to solve Italy’s economic woes, led him to an aggressive Foreign Policy. 1 st - Albania then war in Ethiopia in 1935 “brutal”-League of Nations= Condemns act (stop it) but takes no action. Emboldened Germany reoccupies the Rhineland
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World War I1 - World War II: The Road to War! A. Town...

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