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Week 8 Checkpoint 1 - To develop an effective advertising...

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To develop an effective advertising campaign a marketer needs to review several steps before releasing an effective campaign. The first step would be to find the appropriate target audience. Geico is an insurance company, mainly automobile insurance; however, their target audience would be all consumers. Many of them are in need of some form of insurance. The mystery is what types of insurance the company provides. Establishing an advertising objective will help with establishing a message and the budget. Using many media outlets with the appropriate budget amount will help in promoting a message regarding Geico Insurance; billboards, TV, magazines. Once this step is completed the marketer can design an appropriate ad for the company. With creative strategy and advertising appeal the marketer can promote the product. With Geico a consumer got a gecko confused and wanted to know what types of products the gecko could provide. Confusing the consumer into thinking the gecko is one the one providing
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