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To establish an effective IMC the organization needs to target the appropriate market. Having an established customer database will help the organization determine their target market; developing specific messages for each of those particular customers. The next step would be to establish communication objectives. Communicate to the public information on a specific product that will meet their needs. Then determine a valuable budget amount that will cover the three decision areas needed for an effective IMC. Determine the total promotion budget, decide on a push or pull strategy, and allocate the budget to a specific promotion mix. After all financial decisions have been made the next step would be to decide on how to design the promotion mix. This is the most complicated stage in marketing communication. All of the planning of information comes
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Unformatted text preview: into play. How is the product going to get advertised? What will the sales promotion consist of? How much impact can company representative have on the potential or existing customer? Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Creating a savvy appeal will ensure an increase in sales of the promoted product; channeling it through the appropriate communication functions. The final stage of creating an IMC is to evaluate the effectiveness of the communication program; knowing if all of your hard work paid off. With the sales of the product happening over a fixed period of time will allow the marketer to measure the sales within the targeted area. The information can be compared and analyzed to numbers processed before the IMC went into effect....
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