Week 6 Assignment - Technology has come a long way....

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Technology has come a long way. Historically consumers have bought eight-track players, record players, cd’s and now mp3 players. Apple has designed one of the best mp3 players on the market today; it is an ipod. The ipod refers to a portable, digital audio or audio/video player. In all different shapes, sizes and colors this portable device can hold numerous forms of data, making it convenient for anyone. The ipod products include the shuffle, nano, classic, and touch. Because Apple holds the position of world-class hardware designer and world-class software designer they were easily able to design and patent a device everyone is capable of using on the go. The ipod easily interfaces with itunes; making it easy to download any type of media to the portable player. Apple first introduced this product before the holiday season; promoting with commercials and advertisements. One of the original commercials shown during this time was of a man on his MAC computer listening to itunes. It then shows him plugging a device into his computer, downloading the song he was listening to, putting his ear pieces
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Week 6 Assignment - Technology has come a long way....

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