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The name iPod refers to a category of portable digital audio players designed and marketed by Apple Computer. It is an exceptionally popular, portable digital music player that stores up to 10,000 songs on its 40GB hard disk. The earlier versions of iPod were only able to function as music players. Currently, it also includes features such as storing addresses, games and calendar. The iPod was originally developed for Mac computers but software was introduced in 2002 to support windows users . Apple have designed the iPod to work solely with iTunes a media library software program, which lets users manage the music libraries on their computers and on their iPods. iTunes can automatically synchronize a user's iPod with specific play-lists or with the entire music library when connected to a computer . The iPod is dominating the digital audio player market; it is constantly topping best-seller lists. As of October 2004, iPod dominated the digital music player sales in the United States, with over 92% of the market for hard-drive players and over 65% of the market
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