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There are three levels of business planning. The first is considered the Strategic Planning. This planning is done by top level corporate management. The next planning level is Functional Planning. The planning done on this level is completed by top functional level management such as the chief marketing officer. The final planning level is Operational Planning. This last level is completed by supervisory managers. All three levels of planning are fully administered within the Qode decision making process. Strategic Planning – Qode’s mission to develop mobile platforms that allows marketers to deliver content needed to the right person at the right time. This would happen by creating a smart code, bar code, which a cell phone would identify with a specific product. Delivering updated product information directly to the intended recipient’s cell
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Unformatted text preview: phone. Functional Planning – Because this information would be provided to prospect consumers and delivered directly to their cell phones. Qode would need to use test subjects. Start off with larger products that draw attention to consumers and develop strategies to get them to continue using their products. Analyze how the product information can spread and market these specific products with other products. Operational Planning – One of the downfalls that Qode was able to identify was cell phone outage. Qode needs to have a back up plan for how their product information will be distributed if this were to happen. As discussed, using the internet and social networking websites would be the most common back up plan to have. Numerous consumers use either MySpace or Facebook....
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